After tonight's meeting of dog scout troop 171, I finished the owner part of the dog scout badge and Rachel is now officially a dog scout!  I ordered a uniform to put her dog scout badge on so she can proudly wear it out in public.  When it is ready, I will make her pose for a photograph.  I met a prospective dog scout owner named Kathy Gesford (234-3103).  She is certified to test dogs for Therapy Dog International.  She is also certified to test dogs to do therapy for the Red Cross Disaster Relief program.  When I am recovered from my surgery, I hope to work with her to certify Rachel.  I also learned that there is a photograph of her wearing her pointsettia collar sitting in front of a pointsettia plant from the farm show's What Dogs Can Do exhibit and hope to post it when I revceive it.   Today is actually february 15, 2009 and is Rachel's birthday...she had extra cookies and didn't have to be bathed and groomed before going to her scout meeting in honor of her special day.